Are cats colourblind ???????


 Today I was  in the car, being bored and remebering my cats, when suddenly…POOF ! A question appeared in my head. 

I raised the question, and my usually significant sources replied with a resounding ‘I’ve got no idea’. POP ! There goes my happy bubble! But suddenly…music please…I had an IDEA !! I would look it up on my unwaveringly good source! The Internet !!! Dan Da Daaaaaaaaa

So I did and I came up on this hilarious, and I mean hilarious, website ! So it started off sounding very responsible, but then it became more and more funny and silly. They really, really, REALLY did NOT understand cats.

It also did have alot of facts, despite the fact I made it sound like they were COmPLETE and UTTER GOONS !!!!!! 

If you want to go into this website, press this link Are cats colourblind ??????? 

Indrani 😛