2014 USA Trip – Las Vegas to Los Angeles


A sketch I made while we were on our way to Venice Beach

17 October 2014

Today we move onto the next part of our trip. We are on our way to Disneyland but first we are heading to Los Angeles city to see the Hollywood sign.

I woke up around 8:30, 9:00 am because my brother kicked me in the face. He sucks. So lets get to the point. I woke up too late for mum and dad’s expectations, but we had got to bed at 10:30pm so I was obviously tired. We packed up all our bags which took 2 to 3 hours because my bags were empty. After we had FINALLY got our bags packed, we took the lift down to the casino where we left immediately (we had checked out on the TV).  We went down to the car park that the hotel had underneath and got the car that we had hired and we got in for our drive to Los Angeles.

Dad  started driving ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD!! Or to you guys and girls he would be anyway. So we drove for what was supposed to be 4 and 1/2 hours to some place called Santa Monica Pier, but it was actually and 1/2  hours ! The others were staying at Vegas for one more night. When we were driving, for at least 2 hours all we saw was cacti in the landscape for AGES !! Then we saw two salt lamps in the distance, mum was so (over) excited that she was hanging herself out her car window to take a photo. It was blurry but she was happy anyways.

We never did get to see that Hollywood sign – well not close up anyways. The traffic was so bad and the trip took WAY longer than we expected. When we finally arrived at the hotel we were staying at, (Huntley’s) we drove into the garage and people greeted us on foot. Then my brother and I crashed on these SUPER fluffy pillows in the foyer. The people at that hotel were really really, really posh and looked like they really didn’t want us there.  Mum and Dad checked in, then they practically prised us off the pillows and we got into the lifts but we didn’t have our bags with us because an assistant at the hotel was going to bring them up, but we had to pay.

We got to our room then dad stuffed in the card for us to get in our apartment because he had had enough. So we got into our room and settled in ( by me starting a pillow fight ) and then the man who had our luggage knocked on the door and then when I opened it he basically flung the trolley holding our possessions away from him so he couldn’t  retain them anymore. Funny thing is when he came I was just about to go to the loo and then when I had brought him in, I went to the loo but the door wouldn’t lock so Ril opened it but I ripped it shut. The man walked in to the middle of our flat and started telling mum and dad something, that, in my perspective sounded like blah from the background. The only bit that caught my ears was when the man said something about eating down near a theme park. I was all ears after that but unfortunately he said boring stuff after that 🙁  So after we had payed for him bringing up the bags, we left for the ride park.

When we got to the foyer,  the pillows weren’t there! When I asked mum why they were gone, she said because they were probably washing the pillows after us “grotts” had put the greasy touch on them.

We walked down to the place where the man had confided in us there was a entertainment park.  I walked down with mum and dad but was disgusted to find they were checking out a place called Bubba Gump Shrimp for dinner, but luckily they didn’t order. So us four all took a stroll down the street a little before we stopped at a fish and chips shop so dad could line up. Mum and us two kiddlers walked down the street until I found a bench and sagged on it, after that there was no telling me to move. I looked up and saw this fortune telling machine dude called ZOLTAR following where I went with his eyes. Mum was so excited because there was a ZOLTAR in one of her favourite movies called BIG.

Mum and I played a game and started fooling ZOLTAR by me moving one way and mum the other so his eyes started moving the opposite way to each other. When dad finally arrived I begged and begged for 3 dollars so I could pay  to try out ZOLTAR. Unfortunately we realised he was out of order so we then went off to the entertainment park we were told about.

It was full of awesome rides. We walked around a bit to choose our rides we wanted to go on. Poor dad line up for us (again)- even though I have no mercy I’m still saying poor because he lives with me! Hehehe !! Dad got all the tickets then we headed to my brother’s and mine ride which was actually really boring. Then mum and Ril (my bro) headed to their next ride while dad and I headed to our roller-coaster. I was really counting on the line being long so I didn’t have to wet my pants so soon because I was freaking out completely. We basically jumped the line because it was so short. We got into the carriage three from the first seats so now I really was wetting myself.  We started going and dad was like ” yeah! this is the part where you get all the speed !! ” and then because it had got so fast I was screaming because it was so freaky. When we got off I was walking in circles. We met up with mum and told her we were going on one more ride. That ride was pretty high because you were in seats and it went up then it would stop and you would go plunging down which would make me and dad lose our stomachs.

I went on my final ride with Ril, which were these dodgem cars that kind of floated like a hovercraft and then we went home. I collapsed on my bed immediately.

18 October 2014

On this morning, we again get in the car but it’s a nice drive along the beaches. We find this place called Venice Beach that dad has always wanted to go to. We had breakfast, then mum & I bought presents for my friends at a street market whilst dad & Ril (my bro) watched the skaters in the skate park. Later we went for a walk along the water front, played in a park, and went looking for the seals some tourist guy told us were there. We didn’t find those either.

We went back to the car and drove some more. We stopped at a beach called Hamerston Beach and we went for a swim. The beach was not really that different from our beaches except the seagulls looked huge. Mum said they looked like they had been taking steroids and I have to agree because if they were curled up in a ball they would be as big as my face !!

Then we drove some more all the way to our hotel we were staying at – Howard Johnson. It was opposite Disneyland and had an awesome water park in it. We played it in all afternoon and went out for dinner. Then we met up with our friends who arrived much later than us, by bus.

Because this bite of the trip is 6 days I’m going to show you pics of the last 2 days before we go to Disneyland.


This is our car for the trip


We pass a salt lamp as we drive


Look at all the cactus! wow !


I follow your eyes, for I am the legendary ZOLTAR mwahahahaha !!


mumma, he scares me !


Heeheehaha, welcome to the amusement park !


We’re riding a dolphin ! yay !


This ride is so fun !


I’m going to wear my beautiful smile off me Indrani !!


My legs are up by my face! aaaah !


Yummo ! I drink suspiciously while Ril eyes me closely.


You’ve got your own, Indrani ! Stop eying mine !!


Cool stall !!


It’s a park woohoo !!


It’s a Swingy-Swing !


We are in the water park at Howard Johnson, the hotel across the road from Disneyland


SPLASH !! The bucket tips on us all !


Woohoo, I come shooting down the slide as the water gets me right in the face !



  1. Lara · November 16, 2014

    looks like you had an awesome time indrani

  2. Darcy · November 16, 2014

    Now I want to go to America