2014 USA Trip – Las Vegas


“Welcome to Las Vegas” such a fabulous greeting. My friends and I on our way to the baggage claim.


14th October 2014

On the 14th of October 2014 my whole family and 17 others went on a 15 1/2 hour flight to America to celebrate one of mum’s friends 50th birthdays and mum and dad’s 10th wedding anniversary.

The flight was really long but, the TVs in the back of the seats came to rescue. The TV had a brilliant variety of movies, tunes/audio and games. The best movie I watched was Maleficent. The air hostess’ gave everyone in the plane a pack including an eye-mask  to use when the lights turned out, earplugs so your ears didn’t pop and a pen for the magazines. on your seat there was a pillow and blanket for you to use. I curled up in the weirdest positions  when I slept!!

When our flight FINALLY arrived in Los Angeles ( LA ), we had to take ANOTHER one to Las Vegas that was one hour flight.  It wasn’t as bad as the 14 hr one but it was heaps more humid and they didn’t have TVs in the back of the seats this time.

When we did get to Fabulous Las Vegas, the hotel we were staying in was called Paris Las Vegas. It had a  half size replica of the real Eiffel tower and a giant poker place.  My friend Tiana told her brother, Presley not to go near the poker machines because he had started running towards them.

We left Sydney at 11.40am on Tuesday 14th October, and arrived at our hotel in Las Vegas at 3pm on Tuesday 14th October. It seemed strange to fly through the night but arrive on the same day we left,  but it’s because we crossed the international date line.

Here are my favourite photos from today.


I’m looking cheeky on a cab ride to Sydney Airport


We all get too bored waiting for the plane. SCREEN TIME !!


WOW !!! It’s a BIIIIIG Plane !!


We’ve arrived !! Come Shuttle Bus Come and take us to our FABULOUS hotel !!


YAY !! Hotel, here we come !!


It’s a BIIIIG shop ! But we don’t get to go. Awww


Our hotel’s in the Eiffel Tower !! Paris, Las Vegas

15th October

It all started out on a  very humid Wednesday morning with an 8am start (VERY unusual- my normal start = 6:00 sharp ).  Sharing a bed was tough ! (if you have a fidget sleeper for a brother !!)  Anyways,  we woke  up ( finally ! ) got our swimmers on and headed on down to the level 6 pool. All anyone saw of me was a head popping in and out of the water for about two or three hours.  The view of the Eiffel Tower was absolutely magnificent from the pool !!!

Next a selected group of people including my whole family went on a small plane ride of only a tiny bit of the Grand Canyon but it was an hour and a half !  When we were waiting in the reception area we saw another one of our selected groups coming out of a helicopter.  We  started waving frantically but they didn’t see us !! The ride was so choppy but the view was amazeballs! Then we went back to the hotel for a bit.

At about 3 or 4pm we went down to this markety place where there was two zip-lines – one you went on you stomach over the whole city and the other on you were sitting up and only went half way over the city.  After most of our group had done the zip-line, a big screen that covered the whole of the city’s mall had started to get videos of the Time Warp and a lot of other 80s  songs. My friend Tiana had started dancing along and so had I but only very slightly.  My mum and Tiana’s mum had also started dancing and they were much more enthusiastic – they love 80’s music. We started to edge away from them because they were freaking us out.

Here are some pics of today.


Wake Up !! The morning is wasted away by our sleeping beauties here.


Go the lounge at the pool !! YEEESS !! And the lunchbox made by my mum . YUM YUM !!


Hi! This is all your going to see of me. Savour the moment while I’m up out of the water !


What do you see when you’re looking up from the pool ? THIS ! Pretty amazing, Huh ?


A selected group is coming out of their Grand  Canyon helicopter ride ! Exciting


We’re in our plane and are almost ready to fly over the Grand Canyon. SELFIE TIME !!


Another selfie. Seriously !


What a VIEW !


Preeeetty !!


They’re  MINI trees !


Peace Out !


We’re on our way to the zip-line. Bye Eiffel Tower


It’s a LOOONG way down !!


Still smile though. Me and Tiana on the zip-line


Best  buddies. The photo at the end of the zip-line, Thumbs UP !

16th October 

It was a bit DIY for a bit of  today. Dad went to a Wholefoods  store and mum, my brother and I had gone to the pool on level 6. In the afternoon the whole group went to an outlets shopping place.Then when it was lunch, dad took mum ( willingly ) and my brother (unwillingly ) back to the hotel so she could get changed into something fancy for lunch.  It wasn’t actually lunch because he had secretly arranged for his and my  mum’s wedding vows to be said again.

He had ordered a (scary ) Elvis who performed as Elvis on Thursday, to say their wedding vows. I was a casual flower girl in casual clothes who threw petals at everyone. I did a special speech at the end for mum and dad saying how I felt about them doing their vows.  It was a beautiful celebration.

After the vows had been said, we all went to a Cirque du Soleil performance called The Beatles: LOVE.  It was very graceful and enchanting. I love how in the breaks between each song and act there were funny recordings of the real Beatles. The theatre we went to was the only place in the world you could go to see this show !!

After the whole play had finished the group walked across the road where there was a volcano ( man made ) that was about to erupt. We started to hear a loud rumbling coming from the volcano. Then these sort of jets in the water next the volcano started throwing handfuls of flames out of the jets. Then the  actual volcano started erupting – I thought it would erupt water because there was so much water around it, but no ! It had shoots of fire exploding from inside the volcano.  Boy it was HOT !!

After the volcano had exploded we went on a Gondola ride at the Hotel which had a replica of the Rialto Bridge in Venice.  Then it was back the Eiffel Tower where we lined up for a LONG time to take the lift up to the top of the Eiffel Tower. I was a bit scared because you could see how far up we were in the lift but the view up the top was magnificent. Mum freaked out because she hates heights and nearly screamed when I pressed my face against the wiring.

Finally we went back to our beds where I basically collapsed on my shared bed, fully dressed I was that tired. It was 11:30 !

Photo Time ! 🙂


What an ad !! The label on the whole foods bag


We’re on our way to dinner. Such a lovely stroll on a ICICLES night !!


In the Italian Hotel where the replica of the Rialto Bridge was, the ceilings had lots of pretty painting which are copies of famous Italian paintings.


Las Vegas was so action packed and awesome that I couldn’t possibly choose a favourite part of it !! Stay tuned for our next adventure !






  1. Ava Adlam · November 1, 2014

    What awesome writing Indrani….are you sure you are 8! Such terrific photos, and after being back for 2 weeks, it’s nice to read your blog and re-live the experience. Looking forward to your next installment!
    PS: How do I set up a blog….I am very blog-illiterate!

    • Indrani Smith · November 1, 2014

      Hi ava, I am pretty sure i am 8 since i have been alive since 2006. If you want to know how to set up a blog…well i’m not the person to ask. Call dad and he’ll know what to do. I’ve already got a new blog !! 🙂

  2. Indrani Smith · November 1, 2014

    lara, I did

  3. Tobias · November 1, 2014

    Amazing! I didn’t realise you went to Vegas Indrani! Looks like you had a blast.