Inside Out Movie Review


A picture of Inside Out


 On Monday, my family and I went to the movies and saw the movie Inside Out. It was a beautiful movie about how people get their emotions from 5 little people – or voices, actually. All together, they are the things that control you and make you you. Meet and join Joy, Fear, Anger and Disgust on a challenging journey inside a girl named Riley’s head that highlight the different parts of your mind that make you you. 

Below; 5 pros about the movie:


  1. It has many different understanding layers of the movie- one for littlies, one for older kids like me, and one for the adults and teens.
  2. It is beautiful, and tells a story inside the story, so is really, really interesting, by default
  3. Each of the little voices ( animated by people ) have their own personality, for example- Joy is all airy-fairy, but Sadness is more heavy and droopy…
  4. There are little features in each person- like their emotions, for instance- that take the movie to a whole new level! For instance, because they are going through a hard time, the dad is angry about his work not going well, the mum is sad for him and the daughter because they are going through a hard time, and Riley is mainly happy because kids usually are just happy.
  5. The overall movie is very gorgeous, interesting, curious, meaningful, and really happy most of the time

Below; 3 cons about the movie:


  1. It is a difficult and simple movie at the same time, which sometimes makes it a bit harder to understand
  2. It was very reminiscent of the past half year, and it brought back sad and unhappy memories for Dad and Mum, but I don’t like seeing them upset
  3. The movie was pretty heartwrenching in some bits, and it made me a little bit sad because it reminded me of some hard times in the past half year

All in all, the movie was absolutely fantastic, and my family and I had a great time, and I really suggest you see it. Out of 5 stars, I give it…4.5 !