Junee’s AMAZING Chocolate and Licorice Factory

 Thursay 16th of March 
Today was an absolutely AMAZING day ! 

It started of like any other day, except for that fact that is wasn’t, in fact, a normal day. So, I woke up and went into the kitchen to get breakfast. I noticed that there was a sort of buzzing excitement in the air, but I decided not to say anything. Boy, was Ril and I in for a surprise today !
Just after breakfast, the secret was revealed. We were going on an adventure to Junee’s Chocolate and Licorice Factory! I was rapt ! Quickly, I dressed, brushed my teeth and hair and tried to put my shoes on so fast, I put them on the wrong foot! How smart am I ? 😛
At 9:00 AM, my family and I set off on an exciting adventure. On the way, we  stopped into DUFFY BROS. or so it was called to get some yummy, yummy healthy CC’s. As expected, Rilien started to nod off about 30 mins into our trip. I had fun poking him for about 20 minutes before Mum’s exclamation arose me from my funny hobby. ‘ Look ! Big fire !’ Mum had said ‘ Uh…Should we be going that near to it ?’  she asked. I was too gobsmacked to answer. The smoke cloud was HUGE !

We later found out that it was called Stubble Burning. That is where farmers burn the stubbly bits of growth off their field after wheat and other crops have been harvested. They have to do it under close supervision. It smelt TERRIBLE ! After we had found out we were more relaxed about it. Finally, we got to the amazing Licorice and chocolate factory. It looked so beautiful ! 
When we went in , we were greeted by the strong smell of freshly made licorice ! 

We walked up to the front counter and asked where the freckle making was happening and she told us it was just at the end of the hall. We went down and saw them standing around waiting for some people to come. When they saw us, they perked up so much. One of them walked up to us and said something like ‘ hang on a minute, I’ll go grab the hair nets.’ We needed hair nets for hygiene so it didn’t escape into the chocolate. We had three choices of chocolate: Milk, White and Dark. I chose Milk, and Ril being my little brother, chose the same. Dad had to tell me to stop putting sprinkles on because I was putting HEAPS on !

So, once we had finished making freckles,the ladies told us to wait an hour or so for it to set. We left and decided to go have lunch for a while and then go to the tour after a quiet debate of each of our opinion. 
We arrived just in time for front seats for the tour because according to the tour lady, back seats were “naughty seats”. The she started telling us the story of how the licorice factory came to life.
Apparently, it used to be a flour mill, until it broke and the cost to fix it was too much, so it closed down. As the story goes, it became a very good club catch-up place for kids, because it had been abandoned, so no-one wanted to go there except daring kids. But, when the flour mill’s owner and his son had enough cha-ching to fix the mill up, they found it covered with graffiti, loose floor-boards and very dirty cob-web covered rooms.They fixed it up and voilà ! It was amazing !
Because a farmer was the owner of this flour mill, him and his son were trying to find what they could put their wheat flour in, so they could ship it off and get more money. This is the bit where they had started making licorice. Licorice, being most people’s choice for a sugary snack and having wheat flour in it, they knew it was going to be an easy winner.
Everyone loves licorice, right ? Of course they do. But what’s the point of having licorice without the chocolate coating, the farmer’s son ( he is the owner of the factory ) asked himself. Well, nothing really he answered. And this is were the chocolate comes into this story. So, with the thought that chocolate should be covering his delicious licorice, he started making his famous and delicious chocolate and licorice factory.
The lady at the tour gave us a sample of the farmer’s son’s sweetener he puts in the licorice. It is called stevia, and if you have it alone, it tastes terrible ! Next, she gave us some more samples. They were: chocolate covered rasberry licorice, chocolate covered almonds and chocolate covered inca beans.
By the end of all the samples I was stuffed full of chocolate and almost sick. The lady ended the tour with a licorice bowling game. It was a very sturdy licorice ball as the bowling ball and some pins in an old flour chute as the place where you threw the ball. The winner got a box of chocolates! Unfortunately, it wasn’t me… But I didn’t care because I had seen licorice getting made and I was stuffed full of chocolate anyway.
Before we left, we bought something in the gift shop full of chocolates, collected our freckles and then wrote something in the comments book and then we FINALLY set off.
That is the end of my blog. I hope you like it ! 

Indrani 😛 🙂


  1. lily d · April 26, 2015

    that looks amazing‼️‼️‼️

  2. Tobias Louch · April 26, 2015

    Completely awesome. I was blown away by your efforts on this blog. I think blog writing really suits your exuberant and unique style of writing. It is great to be able to draw an audience into your recount with this kind of personable and appealing style of writing.

    • lily d · April 26, 2015

      right it looks so Amazing

    • Indrani Smith · April 26, 2015

      Thanks, Tobias ! I had alot of fun creating the blog !

  3. Indrani Smith · April 26, 2015

    About what ?

  4. Rosemaree Tacken · April 26, 2015

    Wow Indrani. I am sooooo impressed with your blog. I finally got around to reading it tonight. I loved it. I enjoyed your blog about your trip to the Licorice and Chocolate factory so much that i had to read the rest of them and i enjoyed everyone of them. Yes, i may be your aunty and therefor can claim some level of resposnibility for your high level of intelligence, but, i think most people would agree that your writing style is easy and enjoyable to read.

    Regarding the stubble burning, this doesn’t happen as frequently as it used to for environmental reasons. It was previously done by most far,ers as a simple way to clear stubble as well as the charcoal putting nutrients back into the soil. Now, back to the environmental side of things. Inour travels (as well as living in country areas) we have noticed a reduction in the number of people burning stubble. However, it does seem to vary from town to town. We assume that this could be related to how strongly the local council in different areas enforce the laws surrounding burning off. It does appear that the further ‘out bush’ you travel, the less it is enforced.
    Anyway, i will miss you terrible once yiu are on the road in yiur fantastic and safe bus, but i have to say, i will LOVE reading yiur blog. I hope you don’t mind if i respond often.
    Aunty Rosie. Xxxx

    • Indrani Smith · April 26, 2015

      Thanks Aunty Rosie ! I have made a new blog. I can E-mail u if u want because I have go ur email.