My Day at Mum’s Work


Me reading Harry and Superyam to all the kids at the preschool

Today ( Wednesday, 22nd July ), I went to Mum’s work with her, Dad and my brother. When we got to the preschool ( Awabakal Preschoool ), all the kids where playing, and I decided to read a couple of books, all the while keeping and eye on my brother for Mum while she unpacked and set up. 

After a while – well, more like a short period – some kids came over to me and started throwing book requests at me – literally ! I started to read the book but the the pile got about ——– that high ( and life size ! ), but vertical, with about that many books, so 8 or so books. I was really starting to struggle with kids saying ‘ this one! this one, this one !’ 

Finally, after what felt like the umpteenth time of me opening a book, the Carers ( or the Pre-Teachers ) told the kids to pack away because there was a visitor – AKA Bel the Health Coach ! I helped pack up the toys, and then sat down on the floor, but got offered a chair, so I sat on that ( it was, at least, moderately comfortable – it would be more comfy if my ears weren’t connecting with my knees ) instead. 

It was very fun watching Mum teach her class, considering I have her around alot. When she turned on her blender, she got everyone to dance and be silly, telling them to stick out their tongues, on the pretence that she was checking that they all had tongues to taste properly with their tastebuds, not their eyeballs ! 

And in one part, when Mum was preparing for a taste-testing game, I got to read a book called Harry and Superyam, part of a called The adventures of Harry and Superyam written by Alla Novochenok-Serhan. Mum was really impressed how I did.

After the taste-testing game, we all went outside, where I got chased for being the legendary TICKLE MONSTER ! When Mum and Dad decided that we needed to leave for lunch, I was quite glad. We went to a Sushi Train and I had lots of plates of food to add up !

I had lot of fun, and I hope you enjoyed my blog-journal thingy!


  1. Tobias · July 22, 2015

    This is great Indrani. You look very at home at the front of the class! It looks like you enjoyed yourself!