My View on this Earth Picture


My topic is View the ‘artwork’ of Earth above; Can it be art? I am here to describe what I see and feel when I look at this picture. 
Firstly, whenever I look at art, it makes me happy or sad depending on the way it has been painted.


  • When I look at this ‘artwork’ I feel a kind of sense of loss. It reminds me of someone who has been trapped forever!
  • I feel a scared chill run down my spine when I look at it, because the face reminds me of myself when I am scared. I put a confused-turn-into-scared face on and start to panic.
  • I feel a sense of longing when I look at this picture, longing to get out it’s capture.


  • I see heart and love, amiss all the sadness of being captured.
  • I see angriness for being isolated from family and friends.
  • I see longing to get out of the trap-like capture.

Thank you for reading! Please feel free to comment on what you see when you look at the picture in the comment bar !


  1. Tobias Louch · July 23, 2015