Week 3 Travels


This is my blog for week 3 of travelling. Yes, I know that this is the first week I have blogged on our travel, but I would like to make a start.

Saturday, 25th Oct.
We are currently at Picnic Point, The Entrance in the Central Coast. There is a festival called Chrome-Fest there and we go to the festival to check out some cars. We see a pretty cool car! If you have seen Back to the Future, then you will know the car the Delorian! We had a quick photo and went to a water feature at the fair. As soon as we had got wet, storm clouds started to roll over and we had to hot pedal it home!


Me posing with the Delorian!

Me posing with the Delorian!

Sunday, 26th Oct.
We are moving on and we are hoping to get to our next destination – Lithgow – by nightfall. Funnily, Dad is driving along the M2 when he swears and laughs ( at the same time!?). He says ‘ Oh look, there goes our trailer wheel. His head is going aaaaaaaaaaaaah! We pull over to get the wheel and drive to the side of a road – without a trailer wheel! Dad does a makeshift job and drives to the safest and nearest road. While we are waiting, a man comes up and helps us. Just as he is about to leave, we spot a lost dog on the road. The man coaxes it over and takes it to a vet.


Our trailer - wihout a wheel!

Our trailer – wihout a wheel!

Monday, 27th Oct.

we have woken up and found out that Dad had parked us next to an old JAIL! Haha! We peacufully drive to Lithgow today without any funny moments. Unfortunately, Dad had to drive up some big and twisty roads and our bus has an old engine. So when we were driving up one of these scary roads, we heard someone say on our radio for buses and trucks; “I wonder what that big green bus is doing?’ ‘I dunno, but I wish they could do it faster!’ Humph!

The bus parked outside PArramatta JAil.

The bus parked outside ParramattaJail.

Tuesday, 28th Oct.
we are driving to Lake Wallace, in Lithgow for a Halloween fair and hopefully some media! ril and I are revved up, excited by the thought of finally being able to celebrate Halloween properly! When we were driving it was extremely foggy, so I was a bit worried!


The foggy fog.

The foggy fog.

Wednesday, 29th Oct.
We have woken up in beautiful Lithgow and we are amazed at how pyscho the shops are about Halloween! We are enjoying a lovely (and cold) stroll through the town when a sudden cold wind blows us across the town and back to the bus! OK, just kidding it was only really cold and we rushed back to the bus!

A shop front in Lithgow.

A shop front in Lithgow.Thursday, 30th Oct.

Today was amazing! we went to the beautiful and mystical Jenolan Caves! We ate all our lunchboxes and went inside the ticket area, hoping to get a Lucas Cave pass for 11:30, but unfortunately that thought was eliminated when we got told they had got sold out! BOOM! Luckily, we could do a self guided tour of Nettle cave until 2:00 and then we would head to Lucas Cave for a guided tour of the beautiful cave! Nettle cave was big and beautiful, but Lucas Cave was supposed to be huge! Did you know that Lucas Cave was over 340,000000 years old – that’s three hundrend and forty million years old! There was a big room that was full of stalactites ( big rocks haging from the ceiling) and stalagmites (big rocks comnng up from the floor)and it was about 70 – 80 metres above our heads. Pretty huge, eh? This place was called the Cathedral. We all came back home, feeling very amazed, had a nice dinner and flopped on our beds.


The beautiful Jenolan Caves!

The beautiful Jenolan Caves!

Saturday, 1st Nov.
Today was a really exciting day! We had lots of fun setting up the bus and decorating it for Halloween and setting up our stall because we were going to give away free green smoothies! I helped man the stand for a bit, then dad took us to the end of the street and back so we could check out the stalls.

The set up of the front of the bus.

The set up of the front of the bus for Halloween in Lithgow.

Dad, Ril and I dressed up in our Halloween costumes. Note the cheeky grin on Ril's face.

Dad, Ril and I dressed up in our Halloween costumes. Note the cheeky grin on Ril’s face.

ME in an Electric chair on HAlloween!

Me in an  electric chair on Haalloween!

We had an awesome time last week and I hope to have a brilliant one ahead of me. So stay tuned and enjoy the ride!


  1. Lara · November 2, 2015

    Good luck indrani
    Hope you’re having a great time

    • Indrani Smith · November 2, 2015

      Hi Lara!

      We are totally having an AWESOME time! FaceTime soon?

      Indrani 🙂

  2. Tallulah Main · November 2, 2015

    Nice to meet you today. Hope to stay in touch, safe travels

    Tallulah ????